2015 CSC Computer Exam (COMEX) Results

The Civil Service Commission released the results of Computer Examination (COMEX) conducted for the first week of March 2015The said examination was given by the CSC in different  testing centers nationwide especially in CSC Central Office and some CSCROs who joined the scheduled date of examination.

For further results for the whole month of March, it shall be released within two weeks after the date of examination. However, you may bookmark this page in your browser.

We will implore you to check the original posts by clicking this link http://web.csc.gov.ph/cscsite2/2014-02-21-08-28-23/pdf-files/category/398-comex.

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SOURCE: Civil Service Commission

School Assignment for March 22, 2015 Penology Officer Examination

School Assignment for March 22, 2015 POE
The Civil Service Commission released the official List of School Assignment for the conduct on March 22, 2015 of the Penology Officer Examination (POE).