August 6, 2017 Exam Results: CSE-PPT Professional and Sub-professional Level List of Passers

The results of the August 6, 2017 Career Service Examination - Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) Professional and Sub-professional Level also known as Civil Service Exam, conducted by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) will be released forty one (41) days after the date of examination in CSC website,, results may be released earlier or later without prior notice.

The CSC administered the Career Service Examination-Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) for more than 240,000 examinees on August 6, 2017 in different testing centers nationwide.

You can also view the results here, just select the region where you took the exam:

Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, Region 4, Region 5, Region 6, Region 7, Region 8, Region 9, Region 10, Region 11, Region 12, NCR, CAR, CARAGA, ARMM

In order to pass the exam, the examinee is required to get a general rating of at least 80%.

Both passed and failed examinees may generate their ratings using Online Civil Service Examination Result Generation System (OCSERGS). The OCSERGS shall be activated 15 days after the list of passers is posted. Learn more about OCSERGS here.

Successful examinees shall be issued a Certification of Eligibility approximately 30 days after posting of results. They should verify with the CSC Regional Office the availability of Certification of Eligibility (CoE). Representatives are not allowed to claim the CoE.

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