Region 8 School Assignment for the August 6, 2017 CSE-PPT Professional and Subprofessional Level

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Updated: July 28, 2017
Examinees may now check the complete list of room and school assignment as posted below.

According to Civil Service Commission's Examination Advisory No. 19, s 2017, the examinee's School and Room Assignments for the August 6, 2017 Career Service Examination-Pen and Paper Test (Professional and Subprofessional Level) in Region 8 can be generated using Online Notice of School Assignments (ONSA).
To use the ONSA, examinees should encode or fill in the required data in the corresponding data fields accurately. ONSA can be accessed through the the CSC website

Generate your individual Notice of School Assignment here: Online Notice of School Assignment.

Examination Advisory No. 19, s 2017 - School Assignment and Important Reminders

Complete List of Room and School Assignment in Region 8

Professional Level

SubProfessional Level

Examinees are advised to visit and have an ocular inspection of the school/testing venue at least one day before the examination day to be familiar with the school location; be at the school/testing venue not later than 7 a.m. on examination day for the verification and locating of room assignment, please note that the GATES OF EXAMINATION VENUE SHALL BE CLOSED TO EXAMINEES AT 7:30 a.m.; and wear proper attire on examination day (e.g. not in sleeveless shirt/blouse, or in short pants, or in slippers).

Examinees must bring the following items:

1. I.D. card – preferably the same I.D. card presented during filing of application even if already expired by the time/date of examination. If the I.D. card to be presented for admission is different from the I.D. card presented during filing of application, the examinee must present any of the other accepted ID cards listed below, in which case, the I.D. card must be valid (not expired):
a. Driver’s License;
b. Passport;
c. PRC License;
d. SSS I.D.;
e. GSIS I.D. (UMID);
f. Voter’s I.D.;
g. BIR I.D. (ATM type/TIN card type with picture);
h. PhilHealth I.D. (must, at the least, contain the holder’s name, clear picture, signature and PhilHealth number);
i. Current Company/Office I.D.;
j. Current School I.D. (validated for the current school year/semester/trimester);
k. Police Clearance/Police Clearance Certificate;
l. Postal I.D.;
m. Barangay I.D.; or
n. NBI Clearance.
Note: The NO I.D., NO EXAMINATION Rule is strictly implemented.

2.  Original of PSA/LCR issued Birth Certificate printed on Security Paper (if I.D. card has no date of birth);
3.  Application Receipt with CSC Official Receipt (if available);
4.  Notice of School Assignment generated through ONSA (as applicable);
5. Black Ball Pen/s; and
6.  Water, or preferred beverage (except alcoholic beverage) placed in clear/transparent container, and/or candies/biscuits, which shall be subject to inspection by the Room Examiner/Proctor.

If you still do not know your room and school assignment one week before the exam, and if you have questions about the location of the school, discrepancies in examinee information, etc., please directly contact CSC Regional Office No. 8 Examination Services Division at (053) 323-2967 or CSC Field Offices where you filed your application. A complete directory of the CSCROs and CSCFOs can be accessed at the CSC website  or you can access here.

Read Examinee's Guide in Taking CSE-PPT for few reminders before and during the examination day.

For those who will take the exam in other regions, click School Assignment of all Regions

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