Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA) for the March 17, 2019 (CSE-PPT) Civil Service Exam

Examinees of March 17, 2019 CSE-PPT shall be informed of their places of examination (school assignment) through the Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA).

For those who are unable to view their school / room assignments through ONSA, alternative mode / list of school assignment provided by the CSC Regional Offices are listed under Alternative Mode / List of Room and School Assignment..

Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA)

The ONSA will be accessible on the Civil Service Commission (CSC) website through this link:, by March 8, 2019 or approximately two weeks before March 17, 2019.

To get your get your individual Notice of School Assignment  (NOSA), you must key in your personal information, such as Name and Date of Birth and examination details.

Access ONSA here:

Below is a sample of ONSA-generated Notice of School Assignment dated July 21, 2017. You may click the Location Map link for the directions to your school assignment and you may print this result for your reference.

Alternative Mode / List of Room and School Assignment

Aside from ONSA, you may check your room and school assignment through alternative mode / list of school assignment provided by the CSC Regional Offices (in case you experience error in accessing ONSA, OR directly call your CSC Regional Office):

NCR: 740-8412 / 749-0980 / 781-5864 / 781-5886 / 741-6097

REGION 1: (072) 700-5639 / (072) 205-0081

Ilocos Norte
Sub Professional

Ilocos Sur
Sub Professional

La Union
Sub Professional

Lingayen, Pangasinan
Sub Professional

Urdaneta City, Pangasinan
Sub Professional

REGION 2: (078) 844-3605 / (078) 844-5352 -

REGION 3: (045) 455-3242 / (045) 455-3241-

REGION 4: 927-1830 / 920-9987 / 927-1809 -

REGION 5: (052) 482-0314 / (052) 482-0699 -

REGION 6: (033) 321-2668 to 69 -

REGION 7: (032) 414-7676 / (032) 414-7488 / (032) 253-9050 -

REGION 8: (053) 323-2967/ (053) 323-2857-

REGION 9: (062) 955-1643 / (062) 955-5946 - [Link]

REGION 10: (088) 858-7563 / (088) 858-2805 / (088) 855-0397 -

REGION 11: (082) 299-1727 / (082) 299-1724 / (082) 2991725 / (082) 297-0910

REGION 12: (064) 5521911 / (064) 552-1383 / (064) 552-1118 / Mobile # (0918) 4453636 - [Link]

CAR: (074) 443-5981 / (074) 442-0367 / (074) 443-0366 - [Link]

CARAGA: (085) 342-6089 / +63918-513-4278 - [Link]

ARMM: (064) 552-0512 / (064) 552-0327 / (064) 552-1855 / 0995-5813182 - [Link]

You may also call CSC's Public Assistance Center at (02) 951-2575 or 951-2576, or the Contact Center ng Bayan 165-65.

As per CSC Examination Announcement No.  09 , s. 2018, examinees who cannot access the ONSA and/or still do not know their school assignment one week before examination day should inquire directly with the CSC Regional/Field Office concerned. A complete directory of CSC Regional/Field Offices nationwide is available at the CSC website.


DO NOT wait until the last minute to check the ONSA. Coordinate with your Regional or Field Office EARLY if you have questions about your venue. Examinees are advised to visit their school assignment and be familiar with the easiest routes to get to the venue.

Related link: Contacts and locations of CSC Regional / Field Offices

The CSC will not be able to address queries during weekends (17 March is on a Sunday) and we do not want you to get lost on the day of the exam.

See What To Bring on Examination Day and Examinee's Guide in Taking CSE-PPT  for few reminders before and during the examination day.

Examination Advisory No. 03, s. 2019 

For faster browsing, we will post alternate links once there is already a lists of Room and School Assignment announcement from the CSC Regional Offices.

Source / Reference: CSC Examination Announcement No.  09 , s. 2018

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